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Dear Sina
Prioritize values above action, as you know the destination and means of way, 
journey becomes easier. 
However, there is sweet peril in finding one value. 
Observer should be aware of the internal insecurities that drive the mad men. 
Be mindful of that danger and choose a goal that an imaginary secure being would be willing to do that. As this way and only this way is compatible to the universe and brings the ultimate satisfaction. Never let the goal be the external reaction to your hard work. As service it self is always enough. Do incredible not for people to see it, instead, manifest your responsibility of doing your best, of creating beauty.


Hail to the morning, the bringer of light and prophet of dawn. Hail to the timeless holder of fragmented, miserable ghosts of gods and values. Hail to the perceiver of them, the observer who holds the objective judgment of truth and hard work.

As you are born today, just as in the last thousand days before, say hail to the morning and anticipate another night's death. But do not await it; it comes naturally, just as movement comes naturally to the biological root of your existence. Observe how your body resists the chaos of the world, how it wrestles with it, and transforms it into a complexity of patterns and shapes. Be mindful of the privilege of equilibrium and how it decays as the rest of your life passes. Recognize how your body prepares for its grave. Why can't you see that the end is near? Your doom is approaching, and you need to confront it before you die.

Breathe and observe the world as it is, as you desire it, and then be the person who changes the world. Disrupt the balance if it goes against you. But first, be aware; you, as you are, are Buddha. Look inside to see the fighter and philosopher of life and death. Enough of hardly living an easy life; be a man.


Wind is calling me, as I come.

I call out to wind as it goes.

Do not settle it says.

Do not rest I scream.

The unlimited potential of movement, exchanged with the restless dance of trees, hypnotizes me.  

The conversation between the curious leaves, is sourced from the happy news of nature's morning messenger, feed my sleep like a lullaby.
the Oblivious, addicted human resting on the ground, settling to be normal, as the winds call him.

Sina. Wake up!

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