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Sunflowers watching the moon.

Bees are whizzing sync to the tune.

So happy, that time passes soon.

Hear it coming gay month of June.

Aerial View of Forest


As you talk be aware of talker. 
I will be aware of  my speech and the intention that it holds. 
As the wise man doesn't look for the meaning in talk but in the talker.  Purify your intention with honesty and integrity.
then open your mouth.


I feel my sprit, lifting. souring in to the air.

The will is the feather.

 Flow is wind and the action is flying.

 As take this happily ever after journey, I want to sit somewhere between the neverland of Koath story, on the branch of tree of life to sing a song.

About the observer who walked, and the walker to ran.

And the runner who flew.

Hear this mute song, as you read these words.

enough observing,


enough walking,


enough running



Soon it would be too late. 
whatever you are is too little too late. 
whatever you learn would be automatic and whatever you are becomes unnecessary for the whole. what would last then? when the value of human power declines. 
Intrinsic Beauty.
Creativity and ingenuity is the only precious commodity that would hold its value. and when the time comes. even gold would be trash. and you as a unit of average human power are nothing more than a horse who will be replaced with the machinery. 
Be mindful of your humanity, guard it with you life and then grow it. as the doom for human batteries will come.


Close your eyes and look for yourself, not at yourself.
you won't find anything beside your actions.
Make a better self by better actions.


Hear ideas; but always be independent in thought. 
When ever you found an opinion intriguing never forget the Russel advise, always search for the truth in each philosophy.
And never be overwhelmed by the popular  thoughts, and never let the majority coerce you in their make beliefs just because its profitable, or keeps you included.
The brain is holder of reality in a chaotic world, keep the sword of reason with guardian of mind in all time...


When I was just a teenager, I thought stupidity drove me to learn.

Years later, I realized that knowledge is no cure for stupidity, so I wondered why I bothered to learn.

Then I foolishly believed it was the pleasure of learning that pushed me forward. Now, I understand that learning is staring into the abyss.

In a world where the hard work of your body and mind aims to achieve equilibrium, learning serves to increase chaos. I witnessed how each time I learned something, it wrecked the world I thought I knew and almost shattered my mind.

That's why, now I know, learning is madness.


Dear Sina
Prioritize values above action, as you know the destination and means of way, 
journey becomes easier. 
However, there is sweet peril in finding one value. 
Observer should be aware of the internal insecurities that drive the mad men. 
Be mindful of that danger and choose a goal that an imaginary secure being would be willing to do that. As this way and only this way is compatible to the universe and brings the ultimate satisfaction. Never let the goal be the external reaction to your hard work. As service it self is always enough. Do incredible not for people to see it, instead, manifest your responsibility of doing your best, of creating beauty.

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