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Redemption in the moment

The fear cuts my flesh like a knife.

The Guilt chews on my bones like a dog.

Nothing is left from who I was.

I consumed by my feeling.

I became afraid, guilty, angry.

I was tired. So, I sat down, and I observed myself from above.

My fear, anger, and my guilt. Here they habitat.

I saw redemption beyond those feeling, waiting within the moment.

As I entered the moment, I wasn’t afraid anymore.

The pain, the fear and guild became feelings.

No more beings.

No more was a dog to tear me apart.

So, I experience what I saw, what I felt.

Chasing down experiencing the moment, I discovered.

Sadly, my circle is small.

my experiences are repetitive and dull.

So I went to a journey to find a fresh environment.

And through new exposer I grew.

Then I came back.

Feeling worried of old place and the old me.

However, I was a changed man.

With new look.

So, It was a new world.

With a lot to discover and experience.

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